The Cantley Site:

Obstacle marks

Photo: Geodoxa

In June 2017, Geodoxa made a first 3D photogrammetric survey over the ancient gravel pit in Cantley, Quebec. A gigantic outburst of subglacial water eroded away many meters thick of marble of Grenville age (Precambrian). The marble contains harder volcanic inclusions more resistant  to water abrasion leaving obstacle marks/tails on their lee side.

This video was presented at the CANQUA/AMQUA 2018 conference in Ottawa to prepare viewers for a field trip to the amazing site of Cantley, Quebec. The field trip was led by David R. Sharpe of the Geological Survey of Canada. The site was sculpted by catastrophic subglacial water at the end of the last Ice Age. The main s-forms are obstacle marks caused by the presence of harder granitic inclusion inside the white marble.

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