How do I place an order?

Complete the Contact Us form and we will customize pricing for your project volume and specific needs. We work swiftly to provide a personalized price to suit your project.

What kind of projects can you help with?

InfuSeed provides the connections to suppliers and technology to include:

  1. Product and Brand Development
  2. Dosing Technology and Brand Differentiation
  3. Proprietary Ingredients backed by Patented Processes
  4. Marketing and Support Services for International Development Projects

Do you focus on Hemp or Marijuana based products?

InfuSeed consults in a variety of industries:

  1. Medical Cannabis Products
  2. Cannabinoid Ingredients (CBD,CBG,CBN,THC,THCA)
  3. Licensed Proprietary Brands for Medical and Recreational Cannabis Products
  4. Formulations for Products Containing Cannabinoid Ingredients
  5. Hemp Derived Farm Bill Compliant Product Development

Can I meet with you in person?

InfuSeed has partners in California, Israel, Las Vegas and Texas and can be available for in person meetings in the Texas or Las Vegas area with advanced scheduling.


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